Alan on the Issues...

Working Hard on Affordable Housing and Alleviating Homelessness

Alan has diligently worked on solutions to affordable housing and homelessness for over 25 years. Recently Alan prompted a new City dialog about creating more affordable housing and “missing middle housing”. Alan spearheaded many of the Council’s efforts to create homelessness solutions.

A Strong Advocate for Public Safety and Neighborhood protection.

Alan has a long track record in support of our neighborhood livability including: mitigating parking and traffic from the UO Arena, helping solve the Edison School parking issue, and getting the University Special Area Study started. Alan has advocated for new ambulances, and campus area and downtown public safety.
A Sustainability Leader
With Alan’s leadership, Eugene has the strongest climate ordinance in the country. He is fighting to meet our climate goals. Alan helped create the Sustainability Commission and is making sure decisions by the City use the triple bottom line.

Preparing for the new era of technology jobs.

Alan has pushed to improve Eugene’s high-speed fiber network and high-tech industry, which would help to create thousands of family-wage jobs.

Re-electing Alan will ensure continued positive change, 
leadership, new ideas and innovation.